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Herms Helping Hand

Herms Helping Hand Services
Herms Helping Hand takes care to provide my clients with quality service and personalized care.  

I do some custom work, always love a challenge.
I provide a wide variety of minor home/rental repair services, I'm not afraid of getting dirty or working up a sweat.
 If I can't do something I'll let you know up front and help you to find the right pro for the job. 
I don't paint, but I will prime small repairs, and I don't do flooring.

I have several contractors and suppliers that I will refer only because I have worked with them over the years and have found they are some of the best there is and care about their clients as I do.

Always get at least three estimates, generally any more than that and your wasting everyone's time.

But remember the cheapest may not be the best way to go and the most expensive may not be the best.

I can do just about anything and have the tools for most everything from the simplest task to getting down right scary.

I provide a wide variety of household installation's and repairs including but not limited to:

>Minor electrical repairs
>Minor plumbing repairs or replacements
>Installation of doors, windows, and cabinets
>Dryrot repairs
>Drywall repairs
>Fence repairs
and custom fabrication, always love a challenge.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'll do my best to help answer any questions you may have. I worry about the cost of things as much and sometimes more than my clients. Some times though, you have to bite the bullet and get it done right the first time, after all how many times do you want to pay for something. 
I accept most all credit cards, just let me know in advance that you wish to pay with a card and I'll bring the card reader with me, I don't have a portable printer as of yet but I can send you a copy of your invoice via email, You also have the option to pay on line.

I charge $75 per man hour, I have a 2 hr minimum please.
I add 10~15% to the cost on materials I purchase.
Debris Disposal is $80 per load plus labor loading, hazardous or bulky items cost more
Welding labor is $80 per hr.

​I'm sorry but I have to charge $25 to come out and give an estimate. The further you are from the Pocket area I'll probably ask more, I get about 12 mpg. I Hate having to do this but fuel costs are not getting any better. I drive a large pickup, even my little rice grinder sucks just about the same amount of fuel. I'll credit this towards your invoice once I have done the work. 
Over the phone estimates are still free, Please don't send me your whole termite or home inspection report, I do better with small list's and pictures. 
Sending me a prioritized list of the task's you would like taken care of are generally best, there are times when I can be fairly accurate. I always try to be a little higher than I expect so when I'm done I can come in under my original guess, don't always work but for the most part I'm pretty close.
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